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Cambian Advanced Engineering

Why choose Us.

Our experience and capability in precision, high quality engineering using a combination of wood and other materials allows us to offer a design and manufacturing solution which is almost unique within the UK.

Our Mission.

At Cambian we strive to improve the world by using advanced engineering design and computer aided manufacturing to maximise the use of the most sustainable material on the planet, wood. We aim to ensure absolute customer satisfaction through a tireless pursuit of elegant, coherent and optimised solutions.

What we Do.

We offer a complete range CAD, CNC machining, assembly, finishing and installation services that can be tailored to the needs of each customer and project. We employ the latest physical and digital tools in order to translate initial concepts into reality.

Cambian Engineering

The Company


Cambian Advanced Engineering, part of Cambian Engineering Solutions Ltd., brings together professional engineering design and manufacturing to create complex and fine limit products and assemblies for engineering and architectural sectors. We regularly open new applications of wood to areas that were previously the domain of metal and composites.

Business growth year-on-year and a strong commitment to re-investment continues to cement our position as a world leader in Engineering with Wood.

Originally founded in 2011 as 9C Solutions, Cambian Engineering Solutions also supplies modules and complete installations of extreme sports facilities such as skate parks and indoor rock climbing walls.


As specialists in the use of wood within engineering and architecture, our business actively promotes and furthers sustainability. Our raw materials are sourced from FSC & PEFC certified sustainably managed forests to offer additional peace of mind. We also work to minimise production waste through intelligent material optimisation and production waste is usually converted into Biomass fuel.
Cambian Engineering



We are currently completing our ISO9001 certification to reaffirm our absolute commitment to quality. Our comprehensive quality management system is embedded at all levels of the business and supported by our ERP system. We continually improve our processes & facilities to ensure delivery against complex & fine limit requirements, often within very tight timescales.

We are always willing to incorporate additional controls that may be required by your industry or project.


Cambian Engineering

Our Founder


Piers Chapman founded Cambian in 2011 and remains central to the team. His vision of applying advanced engineering principles to manufacturing in wood, underpins the philosophy and technical approach of the company.

Initially he studied at the University of Nottingham, achieving a BEng (first class) in Mechanical Design, Materials and Manufacture and was awarded the Armourers and Brasiers Research Prize. He then moved to the University of Sheffield to read for his MSc in Engineering Design and Industrial Management in which he achieved distinction.

An early career in the field of high speed precision machinery, where he worked on new product development and manufacturing projects lead to a practical appreciation of advanced engineering and quality processes.

His passion for cycling, rock climbing and the outdoors lead to many of our early projects in the Action Sports market, which continues to form a core part of the business.